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Innovative Art Museums Supporting Crucial Nonprofit Work

Art museums may not be the first type of place you think of when nonprofit work is on your mind. Yet, there are many of them across the United States that are working for the greater good of their communities, or the world. We wanted to look at some of the excellent work being done by art museums. This may give you another reason to visit the nearest museum!


Human Services Nonprofits that Need Your Support

Photo Source: Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash

Human services organizations cover a broad range of people, places, and problems. A human service nonprofit is an organization that identifies a need within a community and then works to prevent or solve those problems for their clients.


Human Service Organizations

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Human Service is broadly defined and covers a wide variety of disciplines. In general, human service organizations, or HSO, is any nonprofit focusing on societal problems, the prevention of those problems, and viable solutions. In short, a human service organization is any nonprofit that makes life better for the people they serve.


5 Homeless Charities to Support This Summer

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Those who are homeless often don’t know where to turn. Without a physical address, necessary documents, or emotional and financial support, many homeless and at-risk populations can’t access the services they need. These homeless charities and homeless centers provide basic needs for the most vulnerable among us, helping clients live healthier and more productive lives.


Top-Rated Subsidized Housing Nonprofits Giving Hope a Home

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In 2016 – long before Coronavirus decimated jobs and made housing even more scarce – more than 18.5 million American households were spending more than half their income on housing. Since that statistic emerged, there has been little headway on creating income equality or providing more subsidized housing or low-income housing options.


Donate Life: Give to These Blood Donation Centers

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In the age of Coronavirus, life is anything but ordinary. However, even though it may feel like life stands still, hospitals, first responders, and those with serious illnesses continue to count on life-saving blood donations. Unfortunately, the pandemic has led to a critical blood shortage. Blood banks and blood donation centers around the world are scrambling, trying to keep their supplies stocked.


Donate to Your Local Homeless Shelter

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In the heat of summer, many of us are fortunate enough to have a cool place to sleep at night. Cold water, air conditioning, and drinks with ice to keep us from overheating. However, for more than 500,000 Americans, there is nowhere for them to escape the heat. The streets are their homes. A bridge their bed. And when the summer heat strikes (or the winter freeze threatens), these homeless shelters are there to provide a much-needed break from the sun.


Become a Life Saving American Red Cross Volunteer

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There are local Red Cross locations throughout the nation – and around the world. As an American Red Cross volunteer you make a difference in the lives of people nationwide. When disaster strikes or times get tough, the Red Cross is there to help.


Voter Registration Organizations in America

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With just a few months to go before one of the most widely-anticipated and divisive elections in modern American history, voter registration is more important than ever. These Top-Rated nonprofit voter registration organizations are working hard to encourage citizens to register, research, and get out the vote in November.


Help Protect Immigrant Rights by Donating to These Nonprofits

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June is National Immigrant Heritage Month. But with so much uncertainty surrounding immigration, it can be difficult to find a reason to celebrate. If you want to protect immigrant rights, consider donating your time or financial resources to these immigrant rights organizations.


Top-Rated Disaster Preparedness and Public Safety Organizations

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Summer is here, and with it comes hurricane season. As many residents along America’s coastlines prepare for natural disasters, we want to focus on disaster preparedness and public safety organizations helping citizens around the world stay safe.


Local Salvation Army Nonprofits Serving the Most Vulnerable

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On any given day, more than 500,000 Americans have nowhere to call home. Thirty-four percent of these live in places not meant for human habitation: on the streets, in cars, in abandoned buildings, or under bridges. Local Salvation Army nonprofits and other homeless alliance nonprofits are working to give every homeless individual a safe place to sleep, warm food to eat, and to return dignity to their lives.


Top-Rated Nonprofit Primary Health Care and Ambulatory Care Centers

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Quality health care is essential to a long, healthy life. But for many citizens around the world – and many here at home – finding affordable and reliable health care isn’t an option. However, these Top-Rated nonprofit primary health care and ambulatory care centers allow men, women, and children from around the world to have access to the care they need.


Top International Relief Organizations that Need Your Support

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Violence and unrest cause thousands of families to flee their homes every day around the world. In countries near and far, people seek international relief from war, terror, famine, and destruction. As we honor World Refugee Day on June 20, we are focusing on top international relief organizations working to ease the suffering of every world citizen.


Help Teen Moms by Supporting These Nonprofits

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Being a teen mom in the United States is tough. Studies find than more than 50% of young mothers never graduate from high school. Less than 2% receive a college degree before they turn 30. And more than two-thirds of families started by an unmarried teen moms live in poverty.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


Disaster Relief Organizations That Need Your Help

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When disaster strikes, people rely on the goodness of others to rebuild their lives. These disaster relief organizations deliver vital, life-changing services to victims. You can help support these organizations by volunteering to help or providing financial donations.


Help Abused Youth by Supporting These Nonprofits

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Nobody wants to sit down and think about child abuse and the adverse effects it has on the young ones around us. Even though it’s a touchy subject, it’s essential to be aware that it happens and to help abused youth. Understanding the things going on around us gives us the chance to make changes to create better neighborhoods. This applies even when the situations are upsetting and painful.