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16 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Flood Your GreatNonprofits Profile with Positive Reviews!

In the digital age, where the narrative around your mission can spread far and wide at the click of a button, harnessing the power of reviews has never been more crucial for nonprofits. Positive testimonials from stakeholders not only enhance your credibility but also significantly boost your visibility. However, the process of soliciting these reviews can often feel daunting and often, repetitive. It’s essential to keep the approach fresh, engaging, and respectful of your stakeholders’ experiences and time. Here, we explore a blend of both tried-and-tested methods and some creative, less conventional strategies to inspire your efforts in gathering meaningful reviews.

1. Spotlight in Newsletters

Make your e-newsletter work double duty by including a monthly call-to-action for reviews. It’s a simple, effective reminder for your engaged audience.

2. Set Up Dedicated Review Stations

A laptop or tablet station at your office or during events can invite stakeholders to leave a review on the spot.

3. Smart Email Signatures

Incorporate a gentle nudge and a direct link to write a review in all staff email signatures

4. Service Bag Inserts

Slip in a flyer or card requesting a review into any goods or service bags you distribute, just like you would find in a food pantry bag.

5. Social Media Shout-Outs

Utilize the power of social media to ask for reviews regularly. A personal touch in the message can make a big difference.

6. QR Codes in Physical Spaces or Events

Display QR codes in strategic locations that link directly to your GreatNonprofits profile, making it easier for stakeholders to leave feedback.

7. Post-Event Prompts

After events, workshops, or volunteer shifts, ask attendees to write a review, providing the means to do so then and there.

8. Service Completion Requests

Following service delivery, encourage clients to share their experience through a review as part of the follow-up process.

9. Seize the ‘How Can I Help?’ Moment

When people express a desire to give back, suggest writing a review as a meaningful way to contribute.

10. Direct One-on-One Requests

Never underestimate the power of a personal ask during meetings or casual conversations.

11. Review Writing Workshops

Organize sessions that guide stakeholders through writing impactful and heartfelt reviews.

12. Email Blasts to the Community

Reach out to your entire database, including past volunteers and partners, with a compelling call to action.

13. Annual Meetings and Board Meetings

Utilize large gatherings and meetings to remind your stakeholders of the importance of their reviews.

14. Storytelling Workshops

Organize workshops where beneficiaries, volunteers, and staff can share their experiences in a storytelling format. This not only becomes a team-building exercise but also a fertile ground for gathering authentic, heartfelt reviews. Facilitate these sessions with a professional storyteller or communications expert to help participants express their experiences compellingly. These stories can then be shared, with permission, on your platforms as powerful testimonials.

15. Themed Testimonial Challenges

Create monthly or quarterly challenges that encourage stakeholders to share their stories related to a specific theme or aspect of your work. This not only makes the process of giving reviews more engaging but also highlights different facets of your nonprofit’s impact over time.

16. GreatNonprofits Badge

Add the GreatNonprofits badge to your website to ensure your website visitors can easily find a way to read and write reviews. Adding your badge also tells your visitors that your nonprofit is committed to transparency and helps to build trust.

By integrating these creative strategies, your nonprofit can not only increase the quantity of reviews on GreatNonprofits but also enhance their quality and impact. Keep in mind, every review serves as a powerful endorsement of your organization’s work, shining a light for prospective supporters, volunteers, and those you aim to help!