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The Gift of Life

Still short on funds after the holidays and no time to volunteer? Luckily, you still have something very valuable to give, and it’s something that can literally mean the difference between life and death for the people you are helping.

In proclaiming January as National Blood Donor Month, President Richard Nixon on Dec. 31, 1969, said:

Genuine concern for his fellow man has always distinguished the American citizen. That concern finds daily expression in countless acts of voluntary service to the less fortunate, the sick, and the injured.

No manifestation of this generosity of spirit is more expressive, and no gift more priceless in time of personal crisis, than the donation of one’s blood. The voluntary blood donor truly gives life itself.

With the advent of the New Year, it is appropriate and timely to pay high tribute to our nation’s voluntary blood donors for their generosity and to encourage more people—both women and men, and both the younger and the older—to join their worthy ranks by providing a steady and increasing supply of blood during each month of the year ahead.

And January is the perfect time to remind people to give: According to the American Red Cross, whether because of changing weather or increased cases of colds and the flu, it’s the most difficult time to attract donors. At the same time, unfortunately, wintry conditions could make the demand for blood increase.

But just because January is coming to an end doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance. The need for blood, as you can see in the graphic below (courtesy of, will always be great, so get out there and find an organization near you to support, or an upcoming blood drive.