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Nonprofit Legal Aid Services You Can Support Today

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As a pandemic continues to impact daily life for millions of Americans, the need for legal aid services is greater than ever. For those living at or near the poverty line – including millions facing job loss because of the pandemic – affording legal counsel is impossible. Divorce, child custody, evictions, and other civil or criminal proceedings continue, despite the unprecedented job loss.

The need for nonprofit legal aid services is at an all-time high in our country. Please consider supporting these Top-Rated nonprofit legal aid services providing free, high-quality legal assistance to those most in need.

nonprofit legal aid services
Photo Source: Partners for Women and Justice Facebook

Partners for Women and Justice

Bloomfield, NJ
Partners for Women and Justice offers free legal aid services to women and children survivors of domestic violence situations. By helping these women equal access to the justice system, this nonprofit legal aid service gives each family a solid footing for a safe and prosperous future. Clients typically represent low-income populations that otherwise would not have access to quality family law services.

In addition to offering free legal aid services, this organization also educates the community about domestic violence and supports other agencies dedicated to helping women escape abusive situations.

“Not only does Partners help low-income victims of domestic violence, but they advocate for policy changes needed to reform the family court system. I have seen the difficulty of being a victim first-hand and know that Partners makes it easier for women to access safety.”
-Jason, Volunteer

nonprofit legal aid services
Photo Source: CARPLS Everyday Justice Facebook

CARPLS Everyday Justice

Chicago, IL
This Top-Rated nonprofit is the number one legal aid hotline in the nation, offering free and low-cost legal services to low- and moderate-income Americans living in and around the Chicago area. The organization uses technology and innovation to help clients gain equal access to the justice system, identify legal solutions, and access vital legal services.

Each year, CARPLS serves more than 63,000 people in Cook County, representing about 25% of all cases in the area. The free hotline offers legal advice from a practicing attorney and often helps callers solve problems without further legal assistance. To date, more than one million clients have used their services.

“I am frequently touched by the gratitude of the clients we serve and know that it is a wonderful gateway into the legal system for those who may otherwise feel excluded. Its coordination with the other legal aids in the city of Chicago is imperative.”
-rhs9, Volunteer

Photo Source: Migration Resource Center Facebook

Migration Resource Center

Staten Island, NY
The Migration Resource Center provides free and low-cost legal aid services to immigrants entering the United States. Their mission is to improve the immigration process by seeking justice, providing legal representation, and offering education to immigrants and their families.

This Top-Rated nonprofit legal service helps more than 100 individuals every year, helping them navigate the American immigration system. In addition to legal representation, this organization also helps individuals and families through educational workshops, citizenship classes, and outreach programs.

“MRC is dedicated to helping immigrants and other low-income people to legally live, work, and contribute to their communities.”
-Anonymous, Volunteer

nonprofit legal aid services
Photo Source: Student Press Law Center Facebook

Student Press Law Center

Washington, DC
A free press is vital to a successful Republic, and the Student Press Law Center exists to protect and defend student journalists. A dedicated team of legal advisors helps guide high school and college journalists, educating them about their rights and empowering them to practice good journalism practices.

The organization also provides free legal representation for student journalists and the advisors overseeing their work. The SPLC also manages a legal hotline where students and their advisors can seek free legal advice regarding journalistic rights.

“When my high school newspaper was prevented from publishing an important story, the Student Press Law Center was critical in helping us take action. Without the help of the amazing people at SPLC, my staff and I would have been completely lost. With the assistance of the SPLC, we were able to take the necessary steps to make sure our story was heard.”
-Max Gordon, Client Served

Photo Source: Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta Facebook

Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

Atlanta, GA
The Pro Bono Partnership strengthens the Atlanta community by offering free legal services for local nonprofit organizations. A dedicated team of licensed attorneys volunteers their time to counsel nonprofits needing business legal advice.

Since opening its doors in 2005, more than 3200 volunteers have helped 900 nonprofit clients start, protect, and defend their missions. Each year, Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta serves more than 230 nonprofit organizations in and around Atlanta.

“The level of excellent legal assistance they have provided us over the years has been instrumental to the functioning and growth of this agency. From reviewing our agency infrastructural documents to interceding on our behalf with the IRS to representing our interests by providing us quality legal counsel during difficult legal situations, Aniz would not be the thriving organization we now are without Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta. Thank you for all that you do!”
-Zina Age, Client Served

If you want to make a difference in the lives of those seeking legal assistance, please consider donating your time or resources to one of these incredible nonprofit legal services. You can also search for legal aid services in your area on our website,