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McDonalds, Costco and Macy’s—Largest US Employers Provide Most Generous Donations

With only a few more weeks before the end of 2014, we encourage nonprofits and individuals to take advantage ofthe billions of dollars in employer matching funds available.

At least $10 billion in workplace matching funds go unclaimed each year; often, corporate employees do not even know about the opportunity for their employer to match their charitable gifts. 

Perla Ni, CEO of says,

“Some of the largest employers in the US have matching programs that enable an employee’s donation to get doubled. Matching donation programs are a big part of corporations’ social responsibility initiatives.

We are encouraging charities to use our list below to see if any of their donors work at these companies and encourage their donors to make use of the opportunities to double their donations”

Employers typically match donations from their employees up to a certain dollar amount per employee per year.  All funds not utilized by employees by the end of the calendar year are never distributed to charities.

Workplace giving programs are responsible for about $5 billion in charitable giving each year, but greater awareness could lead to at least a tripling of that figure.

See the list of corporate matching programs for the largest US employers below.