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Top 10 Volunteer Opportunities in Boston in 2019

Boston Skyline by Harald Johnsen via Wikimedia Commons

Want to volunteer or intern at a great Boston nonprofit? Whether you’re new to the city and want to learn about its charities, trying to change up your routine with some local charity work, or just want to volunteer or intern at a neighborhood nonprofit, everyone knows that the best way to find the right place for you is from the people who’ve been there!

Here’s a list of volunteers’ and interns’ favorite Boston charities. Every nonprofit on this list has earned an overall score of 4 or greater out of 5 on If your favorite Boston nonprofit or volunteer gig is missing, find it on, write a positive review, and show your co-volunteers how to start adding reviews and get it on the list!

Hands Across the SeaLittle girl smiling while holding a donated book - Hands Across The Sea

“Packing the books, knowing where the books and resources were going, and then also being able to correspond with those kids and educators directly has been extremely rewarding and impactful. These kinds of organizations will change the lives of kids forever!” –Simmonsbeth68

Friends of the Arava Institute

“Friends of the Arava Institute is adept at supporting and building the Institute through communication and cross-cultural connectivity. I am impressed that AIES continually builds on the tripartite mission of increasing scholarship, building networks based on peace and understanding, and being a positive contributor to environmental awareness and conservation.” –Bisgur

CeresGroup of friends participating in a fundraising biking event - Ceres

“I worked as a volunteer at Ceres for two years. They are an incredibly influential organization with a unique ability to drive systemic change in corporate behavior and the financial markets. Ceres’ leadership and expertise has resulted in significant improvements in the sustainability efforts of its corporate members and the many large financial institutions of its Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR). Through its efforts with other nonprofits and its BICEP program, it has influenced legislation at all levels. There is no other nonprofit with the unique focus and reach of Ceres.” –Volunteer

Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

“The Greenway has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. There are areas to volunteer in everything from graphic design to benchmarking and researching new ideas for new projects and initiatives to collaborating plant data, and of course gardening. The Greenway has a very friendly staff that is passionate about the organization and what it stands for. They follow their mission to obtain an organically maintained public space, which every park should strive to do. Boston is a bustling city and the Greenway provides a great space to get out of the chaos and surround oneself with greenery and peace. It is very important for urban areas to have green spaces, and Boston is fortunate to have a ribbon of parks run right through the heart of the city. I really enjoyed my time volunteering at the Greenway, and I was not only able to demonstrate the skills I knew but also continue to learn and grow while there. I encourage anyone who is interested to volunteer, because the opportunities are endless and the work environment is awesome!” –Tcss11

People Making a Difference (PMD)Volunteer preparing packed salad lunches - People Making a Difference

“PMD is a wonderful organization that allows you to volunteer when you want for the projects that interest you and that fit your schedule. There is no weekly/monthly commitment that other organizations require. It lets you select the projects that suit your schedule. There are familiar faces and new faces both. It is well organized and committed to helping people. Highly recommended!!” –Writer

VHL Alliance

“This organization is a haven for those of us with VHL. When you deal with a rare disease it’s often next to impossible to meet and talk to others who are dealing with the same issues as you. It’s also quite possible that you are unable to find healthcare providers who have experience with your disease. This is a place where you can talk to, share concerns, and find out about the latest treatments and advancements from others who also have VHL. Thank you Joyce and everyone else who is part of the VHL Family Alliance. Not only is the VHLFA here to support each and every one of us whether we have VHL, are caregivers of those with VHL, or just someone with a question, but you also raise money to give out grants for cancer research and keep in constant contact with the doctors and researchers that are working on a cure.” –Donnab1

Mil Milagros Little girls holding up a Thank You note - Mil Milagros

“Mil Milagros is changing lives across generations in ways that will change communities for generations to come. From the youngest child to the oldest grandmother, Mil Milagros feeds with food, empowerment, and information for which the people they serve are starving. Real results with real people.” –Jwmello

World Animal Net

“World Animal Net is such a great resource for animal welfare groups. WAN globally facilitates the animal protection movement, especially with the online directory. The WAN blog provides informative content on animal protection as well. I am truly happy to be a WAN volunteer!” –Amy J. Chin

FNE International2 Volunteers taking a break from tree planting - FNE International

“FNE has a true heart for serving the underprivileged. I had the opportunity to work alongside other FNE members in Chacraseca, Nicaragua, this past summer where I engaged in community service work. It was an amazing experience to work alongside locals in Chacraseca whom the work would benefit. One of the things I love about FNE is that it places an emphasis on empowering people as opposed to simply helping them. It fosters a sense of family that transcends continents and cultural differences.” –Sana I.

The Steppingstone Foundation

“I am a tutor for Steppingstone. I’ve had previous experience working with kids, but through this program I feel as though I am really making a difference in the scholars’ lives. The teachers that instruct the scholars are incredibly invested in each and every child’s success and happiness. The time that I spend with the scholars is brief, but I look forward to it every week, as it brings me joy to see them learn and grow before my eyes.” –chs4