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Benefits of Consolidating Your Tax-Deductible Charitable Donations

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It’s December 22nd, and you’ve just spent a few hours digging through all your emails and files. The deadline to process charitable donations is coming up fast, and you still haven’t found all your receipts – sound familiar?

This year, we’re helping you get ahead of that end-of-the-year crunch.

GreatNonprofits helps you maximize your end-of-the-year tax benefits by keeping all your charitable giving in one place.

Giving USA reported that individual Americans donated more than ever in 2021 – more than $325B! As more people become donors, it is essential to understand how your contributions impact both the organization and your finances.

GreatNonprofits helps you maximize your end-of-the-year tax deductions by keeping all your charitable giving in one place. Our nonprofit marketplace makes it so easy to choose, give, and track donations to causes you care about, plus it’s a HUGE time saver.

We’ve pulled together a few guidelines to consider when making charitable donations.

Research and compare nonprofits before you give.
So you’ve found some community organizations that center the values and causes important to you. It is critical to confirm the charitable status of the organizations you want to support and look into each organization’s reputation and quality. A nonprofit marketplace with consistent, unbiased reviews is a fast and easy way to find crucial external insight into charitable organizations.

Keep all necessary tax documentation available and accessible. 
To receive a tax deduction, you must prove that your donation was made to a legitimate nonprofit organization. Work with an organization that issues itemized tax receipts, and keep them readily available when you file your taxes and deductions. If you plan to make donations across multiple nonprofits, it is beneficial to work with a single entity that can consolidate all of your tax documentation needs.

Monitor your charitable donations in one place.
Most philanthropists, large and small, make donations to multiple organizations. Therefore, it is wise to keep your contributions organized by using a nonprofit marketplace that can manage a wide range of charitable gifts. Using a platform such as GreatNonProfits, you can easily track and monitor your donation amounts, impact, and updates.

Example of a GreatNonprofits “My Donation History” page

Whether you haven’t started making charitable, tax-deductible donations or want to make more, GreatNonprofits helps you find, compare, and contribute to top-rated organizations. It also assists you in monitoring your charitable contributions and organizing all of the critical documentation needed to monetize your benefits. 

Explore how you can save hours searching for receipts and never miss a tax-deductible charitable contribution with consolidated giving through GreatNonprofits.