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Arlington Has Most Top-Rated Green Nonprofits in Virginia

Arlington has the most Top-Rated Environmental Nonprofits of any city in Virginia, with 4 Top-Rated nonprofits. These
nonprofits qualified for the status of Top-Rated based on user reviews submitted during 2012 on the website.

“In celebration of Earth Day 2013 GreatNonprofits is focused on increasing the awareness of leading ecological nonprofits and the cities that host them. These nonprofits achieved Top-Rated status because their clients, donors and volunteers chose to review them and bestow a high rating. There are over 58,000 environmental nonprofits on our site and 4 of the top rated are based in Arlington,” said Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits.

The Nature Generation: “ The Nature Generation gets to the heart of two things I care most about:
educating children and the environment.” 2012 Review

NatureServe: “Through its natural heritage programs and conservation data centers, NatureServe is
able to provide objective biodiversity data and expertise to solve problems at the local level.” 2012

Amazon Conservation Team: “ The team at Amazon Conservation is AWESOME, with a very powerful
mission and clear approach to save the rainforest, and the people currently living in the Amazon.” 2012

Nature Conservancy: “The Nature Conservancy is a top notch organization that has been engineering
innovative methods and solutions for protecting natural areas all over the planet for decades.” 2012

All nonprofit donors, sponsors, clients and volunteers are welcome to review their favorite nonprofits
at GreatNonprofits is currently gathering reviews for our 2013 Top-Rated
Award. Reviews are due by October 31, 2013 for your favorite nonprofit to be considered for a Top-
Rated Award .

Cities with the most Top-Rated nonprofits include Tucson, Arizona; Palo Alto, California; Denver
Colorado; Boston, Massachusetts; Washington, DC; Arlington Virginia and Seattle Washington.About