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Top 10 Volunteer Opportunities in Chicago

Volunteer opportunities Chicago

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Are you looking for volunteer opportunities in Chicago? Here are several nonprofits, rated highly by people who have already volunteered or interned there. We’ve listed nonprofits supporting all types of causes in the Chicago area that have at least four out of five stars on GreatNonprofits and at least 10 reviews, so you know your experience and your impact will be good!

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Volunteer opportunities chicago

Interning with CCH was rewarding and I learned so much. I was exposed to dedicated and passionate individuals who advocate for and with individuals experiencing homelessness. Through all the work that CCH does, the leaders from the community are always involved and included with the work they do. A mission-driven organization, it was such a great atmosphere to learn and grow.cchintern      

Center for Global Initiatives

My time spent with the Center for Global Initiatives exceeded my expectations as a graduate student in professional psychology. Dr. Chris Stout is a visionary. His dedication and compassion to alleviating global suffering inspires others to expand their work beyond the consulting room and to go into the streets. CGI has personally inspired me to continue my studies in liberation and depth psychology and to take a serious academic look at ecopsychology. This opened up a path to go and visit Chernobyl and soulfully listen to the narratives of the elderly who have returned to their homes there.—Myron  

LUNGevity Foundation

LUNGevity Foundation is a top-notch nonprofit organization. They truly care about lung cancer survivors and anyone affected by this deadly disease. I found LUNGevity after my father passed away and began to volunteer at a local event raising funds for much needed research. I wish I would have found LUNGevity while my father was still living to get much needed help. I am proud to say I volunteer for this amazing organization. —Nikole V.

Advocates for Adolescent Mothers

Volunteer opportunities chicago

It is a privilege to work with an organization that genuinely cares about making a change in society, especially when it comes to our youth. After all, the youth are the future and AFAM is making sure that young parents are well equipped and empowered to take on the world. —Emissary W.           

Dreams for Kids

Dreams for Kids puts on great programs throughout the year. The impact that each event has on all of the children involved is immense. The first time I volunteered for Dreams for Kids, I was blown away by the entire event. Every child in attendance had a smile on their face, and I was so grateful I was a part of it. Getting involved with DFK was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!—sophiew1

National Anti-Vivisection Society

This organization does the most important kind of work: It saves the creatures that share our planet with us. Millions of creatures die horrible, needless deaths in the name of science. While once upon a time there might have been very few alternatives, now technology can save these animals from pointless, torturous suffering and death. Please support NAVS in every way that you can. Look on their website to learn what you and everyone you know needs to learn about their work.Masman

American Blues Theater

American Blues Theater is one of the most thoughtful, inspiring, and artistic ensembles in Chicago and I am grateful to have been a member for many years. Audiences are considered family, cast and crew are treated with respect, and the ensemble and board do more than coexistthey work together. All levels of the organization ‘click’ to create great theater.Dawnbach

Musical Arts Institute

Volunteer opportunities chicago

Musical Arts Institute has been a great help to me. I have met some of my best friends here and played music with them around the city of Chicago. It has helped me with my life goal of becoming a great musician who travels around the world. Without this school, I would not be the musician that I am today. Musical Arts Institute will always hold a special place in my heart. —cellotiel                        

Women Employed

Women Employed represents my values through its mission and dedication to issues that affect low-income women. They have a strong team, an incredible history of achievements, and continue to make great strides in bolstering the higher education and financial stability of this population. I’m proud to volunteer with WE! —Volunteer_chicago                    

HEAR Foundation

The HEAR Foundation is laser-focused on its mission to help Chicago high school students overcome financial barriers to attain a college education. Having observed and supported their work since their incorporation, I’ve been impressed by the HEAR Foundation’s adaptive leadership and ability to focus on community assets to accelerate their success. The HEAR Foundation recognizes that college access is ineffectual on its own, and provides critical mentoring for their scholars throughout their collegiate tenure. Well done!! —ltengatenga